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Everything Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers Need to Know To Do Well in School
They Can Learn at the Zoo
(Class Two: When your child is ready ... enrichment activities for preschoolers)


  • Parents of babies and very young children will think of zoos as a place to visit often to help their children learn (and will purchase family memberships to make the cost of visiting the zoo often affordable).
  • Parents of infants, toddlers, and preschool children will visit the zoo with their children often.
  • Infants, toddlers, and preschool children will learn.
  • Preschool children will love to visit zoos.

Class Outline

    *************** Greetings (15 min.) ***************

    Parents greet each other and describe visits with their children during which they have practiced techniques taught in Part One of the class.

    *************** Section One (30 min.) ***************

    Parents focus attention on preschool learning.

    • Parents discuss how to know when preschoolers are ready to learn by doing.
      • child is curious (e.g. about reading)
      • child expresses desire to learn (e.g. to read)
      • child tries to imitate (e.g. reading)
    • Parents discuss how three and four-year olds learn.
      • watching parents
      • pretending and trying
      • playing games
      • following simple instructions

    *************** Section Two (60 min.) ***************

    Parents learn how to prepare simple lesson plans based on zoo visits.

    • Class instructor lists parts of a lesson plan.
      • Objective (what parent wants child to learn).
      • Preparatory activities that will occur before the zoo visit.
      • Activities that will take place during the zoo visit.
      • Activities that will be done after the visit.
      • Methods of determining the success of the lesson.
    • Class instructor shows class a sample lesson plan and parents are asked to expand the lesson plan with their own ideas for preliminary and/or follow-up activities.

    ************** Coffee Break (45 min.) ***************

    *************** Section Three (90 min.) ***************

    Parents practice teaching techniques.

    • Parents choose an objective for a lesson plan based on a zoo trip.
    • Parents write a simple lesson plan that includes activities that will occur before, during, and after the zoo visit.
    • Parents read their lesson plans to the class.
    • Parents offer suggestions to each other to make their lesson plans more effective.

      Class instructor encourages parents to purchase family memberships and bring their children to the zoo often.

    See also Class One: What to Say ...
If you develop a class based on this outline for your zoo, please let me know and credit me as the originator of the idea. -- Merry L. Morris
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