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What to Say to Your Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Child While Visiting the Zoo - Exhibit Two

Philadelphia Zoo
  • I see one hippopotamus. We can call a hippopotamus a "hippo" because it is easier to say "hippo" than it is to say "hippopotamus".
  • The hippo is going down the steps into the water. Hippos like to go into the water. Hippos can stay under water a long time.
  • The hippo is big and fat. I am glad the hippo is stepping into the water and not jumping into the water because he would make a big splash and we would get all wet.
  • The hippo's skin is gray. The hippo's skin is not covered with fur or hair. Look the hippo has bristles inside her ears and on the tip of her tail. The bristles feel like a hair brush.
  • The hippo has short legs. The hippo's legs are so short that her stomach almost touches the ground.
  • Let's read the sign ... The sign says ...
  • Hippos eat grass and hay. Hippos don't eat other animals. Hippos are not meat-eaters. Hippos are plant eaters.
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