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What to Say to Your Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Child While Visiting the Zoo - Exhibit Three

Philadelphia Zoo
  • Look at the snake. This snake is called a forest cobra. A cobra is a kind of a snake. This cobra lives in forests so he is called a forest cobra.
  • Look how close the snake is to the glass. We can see the snake's face. We can see his eyes.
  • Look at the forest cobra's skin. It is not covered with fur or hair. It is covered with scales.
  • All snakes are covered with scales. Snakes are reptiles. All reptiles have skin covered with scales. All of the animals in this building are called reptiles and are covered with scales. This building is called the Reptile House because all of the animals in here are reptiles.
  • The forest cobra's eyes are open. He is awake, but he is not moving. The forest cobra is a snake. Snakes are reptiles, and reptiles don't move as much as other kinds of animals do when they are awake.
  • Let's read the sign to find out what a forest cobra eats ...
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